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Yoro, Honduras


The region’s dwindling forests are critically threatened by the expansion of unsustainable coffee cultivation. They are cleared for cropland and to power wood-burning coffee driers. These forests are necessary to sequester carbon and provide essential habitats for migrating birds and several other species.


Cafe Solar

Cafe Solar Brand Coffee is the product of a revolutionary coffee-drying system that is completely powered by solar panels. This system is unique to COMISUYL, the first and and so far only Fairtrade certified cooperative to use it. COMISUYL, Subriana, Yoro, Honduras.


IMND poster

The United States Forest Service is doing research to identify habitat that support non-breeding migrant birds. These habitats much provide sufficient resources for both winter survival and successful spring migration. As agricultural development continues throughout the tropics, effective conservation planning requires a deep understanding of the role that local and landscape structure play in determining the quality of agricultural habitat for migratory birds. While shade-grown coffee has been shown to support a considerable diversity and abundance of Neotropical migrants, factors that influence the quality of coffee habit warrant further exploration.

Photography and Information Gilberto Flores Walter

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