Academic Service:

2009-current: Undergraduate Concentration Coordinator (NRC- Water Resources)
2009-current: Graduate Concentration Coordinator (Eco-Water, wetlands, and watersheds)
2003-Current: Faculty Senate Computer & Electronic Communications Committee
2002 - 2003: Interim Scientific Director, Water Resources Research Center, UMass
2002 - Provost's Task Force on Graduate Admissions to achieve diversity, UMass
2000 - Current: Academic Honesty Board, Ombuds Office, UMass
2000 - 2008: Chair, Computer committee, Dept. of Natural Resources Conservation.
1999 - Chair, Ad-hoc outreach-planning committee, Dept. of Natural Res. Conservation.
2002 - 2006: Member - Minority recruitment committee, Website committee.

Scholarly Review/Professional Activity:

2009-Current: Editor - Journal of Earth Science and Climate Change
2004- Current: Editor, International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics
2010 - Guest Editor - Northeast Naturalist
2008, 2009, 2010 - Tahoe Science Consortium- Peer Review
2010 - National Science Foundation (NSF) and Regional Climate Prediction using Earth System Models (EaSM) - Proposal review
2010 - International Foundation for Science (IFS) Peer review.
2002-2003 UMASS Water Resources Research Center - Chair of Review Panel
2003 USEPA-STAR - Review Panel member
2000, 2002, 2004 USDA-National Research Initiative - Review Panel Member
2002 The Netherlands Foundation for Advancement of Tropical Research (WOTRO) - Scholarly Review Panel
2000- Current: American Water Resources Association Tech. Committees: Hydrology & Watershed Management Committee, International Committee, and Policy Committee.
2003- Current reviewer of Water Resources Research
2000 - Current: reviewer of the Journal of Hydrology
1999 - Current: reviewer for the Transactions of American Society of Agricultural Engineers
1998- Current: MA State Technical Advisory Committee of NRCS-USDA.
1997 - Current: reviewer for Agricultural and Resource Economics Review (2 per year)
1995- Current: reviewer of the Jl. of Soil and Water Conservation. (2 manuscripts/year)
1996- Current: reviewer for The Journal of the American Water Resources Association, formerly Water Resources Bulletin. (5 to 6 manuscripts every year)
1999- Current: reviewer for American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
1997- Current: Member of Professional Activity Committee of American Ag. Econ. Assoc.
1998- Current: Member of the International Committee of the American Ag. Econ. Assoc.
1996: American Water Resources Association - Professional Technical Committees: (i) Water Policy; (ii) Geographic Information Systems and (iii) International Issues.
1989: Three-member Expert Panel appointed by Vice Chancellor, T.N.A. Univ. to study the 1997: Panelist in Berg Colloquium on "The Role of Groups and Organizations in the Policy Making Process" at SWCS 97 Meeting, Toronto.
Invited panelist for Berg Forum on "National Natural Resource Conservation Issues" (Jan-Feb, 1998) held at Washington, DC.

Community Service:

2011-2012 Massachusetts Director and Board member of Southern New England Chapter of Soil and Water Conservation Society.
2010 (Sept-Oct): Director of "The Institute of Energy and Environment" to 21 international stu-dent leaders from 6 countries. Collaborated with ITD, South Amherst and sponsored by the US State Department.
2004-2007: Board member of the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition, Leominster, MA.

Extension and Outreach Experience:

(* indicates outreach while at UMass).

* Online decision support -
* Provided intense training in Energy and Environmental issues (Sept - Oct 2010) to 21 interna-tional students from France, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, and India in collaboration with ITD, Amherst. Sponsored by the US State Department.
* Provided short training in 2008 on water resources management to International policy makers from Eurasia as a part of U.S. Department of Commerce's Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program - Water Resources Management for Central Asia, Western Eurasia, and the Caucasus. Participants were from Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
*Provide watershed information through web: and
*Serve on a faculty role in the Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (NREC) Pro-gram of the UMass Extension and worked with extension personnel in various outreach activities.
*Organizer of Watershed Conservation Annual Conference that attracts agencies, universities, and citizens through New England States. Four conferences were conducted (Total of 480 attendees) participated from throughout the New England region.
*Conducted several workshops on water quality and watersheds to farmers, K-12 teachers, com-munity leaders, watershed team leaders, and high school students.
*Directed the Water Resources Research Center, The Environmental Institute during 2002.
*Developed outreach targeting for urbanizing areas through modeling and sustainable planning.
*Conducted watershed-based environmental extension and outreach in several watersheds throughout Massachusetts.
*Conducted training in watershed management to Mayors and Professionals from Honduras (areas affected by Hurricane Mitch) in collaboration with ITD, Amherst.
*Conducted training in watershed management to Mayors and environmental scientists from Co-lumbia in collaboration with ITD, Amherst.
*Developed programs to connect student learning through community service (service learning and watershed internships) to watersheds in the New England region.
Developed web-based applications to assist farmers, regional planners, local and federal decision makers in least-cost water quality and pollution management
Participated (presented in two sessions) in a Midwest Extension Workshop in Indianapolis, IN (1995).
Participated in farmer demonstrations and campaign programs in developing countries.
Participated in farm-level surveys to identify collect data on local problems in resource use.