Graduate Advisory Committee


L. Galindo (2014 PhD) Climate change and watershed ecosystem services
R. Bright (MS, 2014) Instream habitat health
J. Dudula (MS, 2014) Landscape change and climate impacts on stormwater
N. Bush (MS, 2014) Dam impacts on riparian biodiversity
E. Ross (MS 2014) Watershed Sustainability for Bay Ecosystem
K. Collins (MS 2012) Instream habitat and landscape changes
J. Hart (MS 2012) Environmental Management
K. Toffling (MS 2012) Climatic change and Mangroves
R. Dublois (MS, 2009) Climate change and wetland dynamics
S. Nampindo (2012 PhD) Climate change on water resources and biodiversity
P. Ekness (2012 Ph.D) Watershed ecosystem dynamics
O. Tsvetskova (2012 PhD) Complexity in watershed systems
O. Tsvetskova (2007 MS) Spatio-temporal Modeling
A. Hawes (2007 MS) Sediment and aquatic Impacts
I. Sekar (2007 PhD) Agriculture and water quality
E. Marshall (2005 MS) - Global Warming and Watershed Modeling
P. Ekness (2005 MS) - Riparian systems
D. Shriver (2004 MS) - Watershed Classification
K. Davis (2002 MS) - Neotropical bird habitat
M. Matteo (2002 MS) - urban watersheds
S. Lowe (2001 MS) - Biodiversity in watershed planning
E. Keeler (2000 MS) - urbanization


A. Sadeghpour (2014 PhD) Cover crop systems
C. Borgerson (2013 PhD) Primate ecology
S. Vinitpornswan (2012 PhD) Tiger Ecology
M. Marjan (2012 PhD) Wildlife migrations
K. Klosterman (2011 MS) Land use and baseflows
A. Farzad (2010 PhD) Cover cropping
D. Timmins (2010 PhD) Bioenergy economics
A. Manda (2009 PhD) - Hydrostructural domains
Colleen Samson (2011 MS) surface and groundwater monitoring
E. Wright (2011 MS) Phosphorus loading in Landscape planning
K. Klosterman (MS 2011) Baseflows and impervious cover
S. Raposa (2011 MS) sustainable city planning
D. Luken (2009 MS) - Stream crossing
J. Allen (2006 MS) - Coastal Coliform Contamination
J. Dedes (2005 Ph.D. UMass-Boston) - Watershed metrics
J. Ogrodowczyk (2004 Ph.D) - Nonmarket valuation
M. Lewis (2003 MS) - Stream Daylighting
B. Bayne (2002 MS)- Wetlands
M. Donzella (2002 MS) - Forest Watersheds
J. Skalka (2001 MS)- Wetlands
M. Stoltzfuz (2001 MS) - Wetlands
D. Corlett (2001 MS) - Riparian Modeling
K. Norwood (1999 MS) - GIS